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When buying an engagement ring, only spend as much as you can afford.

The popular rule that suggests you should spend two months’ salary on your ring was fabricated by the diamond company De Beers to get more people to spend money on diamonds.

The median age of first marriage is rising in the United States.

That means many of us won’t even marry in our twenties.

Either way you should visit some online jewelers such as James Allen or Blue Nile and get a feeling how much rings actually cost.

If that amount is either much higher or much lower than your expectations, now’s the time to discuss it—not later.If your situation is such that you want to propose soon but don’t quite have the cash available, borrowing just enough that you can pay back in 12 months or less isn’t the worst thing.And remember, this ring is the symbol of your love, not the measure. Learn more about the dos and don’ts of financing an engagement ring here.So how much should you REALLY spend on an engagement ring?You may have heard something about spending two or three months’ salary on a diamond engagement ring.

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