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Accountants will debit the expense account and credit cash.Closing expenses to retained earnings will be the final entry for this set of transactions.In some cases, however, a company will need to retain enough cash to pay the final expenses associated with its physical location.This includes rent, utilities and security, among other basic costs.The entries to remove assets from the books include debiting cash and crediting each asset account for the monies received.A debit or credit to loss or gain on asset sale is necessary to record the difference between cash received and asset value.After selling off your assets, it's time to pay any outstanding debts or liabilities related to the business.Essentially, liabilities represent any money owed to outside parties, such as vendors and lenders, any taxes or fees owed to the government .

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When a company has more liabilities than assets, equity is negative and no liquidating distribution is made at all.

If the stock is a capital asset in the shareholder’s hands, the transaction qualifies for capital gain or loss treatment.

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The bigger the organization's size, the greater the number and size of the entries.

Basically, the first step a company must make is to take inventory and sell all assets when closing its doors; but before doing that, try to collect all outstanding accounts receivable since they could be difficult to get later.

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