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I'll eat whole grain packaged flours, too, when it's more convenient to do so. I try to be sure that 10-15%, or sometimes up to 20%, of it is protein. Maybe slightly higher protein requirements, over the 10-15% protein that I consume--but, nothing like you see going on in the gyms.

What you really need is to eat more calories---it’s not about the protein.

High-fiber foods like fruits and vegetables are rich in naturally occuring antioxidant vitamins minerals, carotenoids, and flavonoids, which help limit inflammation in [the body, and in the] arteries.

Animal fat, on the other hand, is pro-inflammatory..." (From Men's Journal, Kevin Gray, "The Power Vegans" October 2010)Food was my medicine.

I have no problem listening to my body & taking a day off, if I need it.

That’s entirely different than believing the false “siren song” of your brain that says, “Take a break, stay in bed, stay home, relax--why work so hard? I'm moving more toward figuring out how to adapt to airport food that's healthy, instead of needing to bring all kinds of special foods with me. I often bring some kind of energy bars along, too--but it’s hard to find really good ones that aren't loaded with ingredients I'd rather not eat.

With his father working two jobs just to make ends meet, at a young age Scott was expected to take over the daily cooking chores, mow the lawn, pull the weeds, stack the wood, keep an eye on his younger brother or sister, as well as keep a close watch over his mom.

He even made valedictorian of his high school class!

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He was his own running-Lab Rat--testing which fuel would be the winning formula.

I had virtually no joint inflammation, even after miles of pounding trails and roads, and on the rare occasions I sprained an ankle or fell and whacked my elbow or knee, the soreness left faster than it ever had before.

To my delight, subtracting some things from my diet actually allowed me to discover incredible and delicious new foods.

[His] results aren't backed by any significant studies, but his theory is sound.

Extreme exercise inflames muscles and builds up free radicals that lead to what's known as exercise-induced oxidative stress.

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