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Today is the 21st century, it is not the era of the Ottomans where the Turks could just invade, rape and butcher the people and then declare the land they stole as theirs.

While you may not like the bare facts, KKTC has a functioning, multi-party democracy, civic institutions, a judiciary, and every other element of a functioning state. You once attempted to create that yes, but it was immediately declared as invalid.

Here are the relevant UN resolutions: The Security Council, Having heard the statement of the Foreign Minister of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus, Concerned at the declaration by the Turkish Cypriot authorities issued on 15 November 1983 which purports to create in independent state in northern Cyprus, Considering that this declaration is incompatible with the 1960 Treaty concerning the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus and the 1960 Treaty of Guarantee, Considering therefore that , and will contribute to a worsening of the situation in Cyprus, Reaffirming its resolutions 365(1974) and 367(1975), Aware of the need of a solution to the Cyprus problem, based on the mission of good offices undertaken by the Secretary-General, Affirming its continued support for the United Nations Peace- keeping Force in Cyprus, Taking note of the Secretary-Generals statement of 17 November 1983,1.

Its church was an autocephalous member of the Holy Eastern orthodox Church, and thus religion combined with language to foster the idea that Cypriots were Greek in Origin.

If you were thinking that you could create a state by means of invasion and ethnic cleansing, then think again, and you might understand why your pseudo state is not, and will never be recognized by any civilized nation.

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