Kaspersky not updating

Using the Download updates to the Administration Server repository task In this scheme, Kaspersky Security Center downloads updates through the Download updates to the Administration Server repository task.In small networks that contain less than 300 managed devices in a single network segment or less than 10 managed devices in each network segment, the updates are distributed to the managed devices directly from the Administration Server repository (see figure below).So far I have configured a firewall rule between both sites that enables access via all the ports listed on; have uninstalled the client, rebooted and reinstall, but no luck there either.

After that the distribution points will download updates from Kaspersky Lab update servers, and not from the Administration Server repository.

Updating by using the Download updates to the Administration Server repository task and the Downloading updates to the repositories of distribution points task By default, the Administration Server and distribution points communicate with Kaspersky Lab update servers and download updates by using the HTTPS protocol.

You can configure the Administration Server and/or distribution points to use the HTTP protocol instead of HTTPS.

When running the Download updates to the Administration Server repository task, Administration Server sends the following information to Kaspersky Lab update servers automatically in order to ensure the downloading of relevant versions of Kaspersky Lab databases and software modules: None of the transmitted information contains personal details or other confidential data.

AO Kaspersky Lab protects information in accordance with requirements established by law.

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