Jewish dating orange county california

The building is located adjacent to the Beth Jacob of Irvine building.

The facility houses two spacious private preparation rooms, each fully equipped with all items necessary to prepare for immersion.

It didn’t work out, and I started on my quest for my perfect Jewish guy. He was a year older and wanted to be a lawyer, just like me. I had a great group of friends, and I tried to keep my weekends full. One evening he mentioned doing a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. When he came to pick me up, he had a huge bouquet of flowers and picnic dinner he’d cooked and asked a passerby to take our picture.

Eight years later, as we graduated from law school and were settling into our careers, he proposed. Three days later, during a phone conversation, he informed me he needed to call the engagement off. He didn’t know what would make him ready, but he wanted to continue dating. I also started up a friendship with Mike, a Vietnamese guy who worked as a probation officer in the courthouse. This was the first inkling I had that my friends might be right.

“Back To The Shtetl” Yiddish Music Parties Phone: 818-887-6053 Fax: 818-884-9795 Contact Person: Rena Dictor Le Blanc Age Range: All ages Average Age: 45 The “Back to the Shtetl” parties are a unique way to enjoy live Yiddish music with professional entertainers.

His perfectly normal 17-year-old response, “You can take the girls and I’ll take the boys.”It was at this point that I decided that if for some bizarre reason this relationship didn’t work out, I would only date Jewish. We want to publish your story I moved on to a new job in Orange County with high hopes that a new environment would help in the search for my perfect Jewish guy. I strongly believed that if I wasn’t happy with myself, I couldn’t be happy with someone else. Affairs columns We went to Angels games, tennis matches and dinner.

As my 30th birthday approached, I felt as though I had exhausted the entire Jewish dating pool in Orange County.

I want to raise my kids Jewish.” He responded, “I’m OK with that.”I was shocked.

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The Jewish Federation’s Singles Initiative is proud to present the 2000 Jewish Singles and Young Adults Directory.

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