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Evidence of Dunst’s ability to balance frisky feminist fare with dumbed-down “girl” parts is her other 1998 movie, Joe Dante’s .

This zany story, featuring toys that go rogue after munitions chips are placed in them, is a cautionary tale about the limits of technology aimed at children, one that’s as dated as the Spice Girls song that serves a crucial plotpoint.

Coppola’s film, and Dunst’s performance, showcase a world where being female leaves Lux at the whim of numerous competing desires, whether it’s that of parents, high school boys or society at large.

These themes would pop up again in Dunst’s later pairings with Coppola: 2006’s wasn’t recognized by the Academy.

Kernochan nimbly navigates the group’s desire for boys, sexually and in an attempt to reach gender parity, but asks the question of whether it’s worth giving up power and independence to male domination, and whether that’s something that always follows the arrival of men?

Verena is spunky, able to be herself around her girlfriends, but she can’t help falling for a visiting boy who, in many ways, is just like her.

On the other hand, he is fourth generation, so it’s possible the religious background hasn’t kept up with the time.

When not acting, Hernandez spends most of his time hanging out with his wife Daniella or with his friends.

From Montebello, California, Jay is a fourth-generation Mexican American.

As white trash contestant Amber Atkins, Dunst sends up small-town classism in a woefully bleak story. Whereas Coppola says it is only through death or isolation that women can find true freedom and acceptance, Williams cynically posits that female happiness only comes at the expense of others.

The girls’ struggles see them desperate to utilize the beauty pageant as a means of leaving their crappy town.

Lux is the object of affection for nearly everyone in her high school, but she’s unattainable by choice.

Surrounding men idealize her, and while she allows one to get close — Josh Hartnett’s Trip Fontaine — it proves that the fears established in are well-founded.

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