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It was initially feared that Jasmine might have been abducted, but the truth was even more shocking.

Jasmine was discovered alive the very next day in the province of Saskatchewan, alongside her 23-year-old boyfriend, Jeremy Allan Steinke.

As noted in the story, John’s lawyers have been in contact with the Enquirer and are exploring legal action against the publication for defamation.”Their spokesperson however even at that time had denied the rumors and said that the couple is happy together. His grandfather hailed from Palermo and his grandmother was from Catalano in Naples, FL. He also became the lead singer of the New York-based rock band ‘The Cringe’ of the 2000s. He also has starred in his wife’s shows such as Tasty Travels, Rachael’s Vacation, Cake Boss and Big Morning Buzz Live.

John had once said in an interview about his singing.

After the couple was arrested, Jeremy was charged with three counts of first-degree murder and given three life sentences.

Jeremy soon convinced Jasmine to marry him and participate in the murders of her parents before they ran off.They were both charged with the murders of Jasmine’s family.Because of the age difference, Jasmine’s parents heavily disapproved of her relationship with Jeremy.This convinced the governor of Colorado to commute his sentence to 24 years, and William was paroled in 1977.A year later, he was accepted at the University of Colorado medical school and earned himself a license to practice medicine in 1983.

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