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Before, however^ the issue of a second edition of the Report his Lordship's MS. So well known is the present work, now for the first time printed, from the extensive and admirable use rnade of it by the late ISIr. My intention throughout in preparing this volume was t.o 7nake it a conqjanion to the Fromptorinm, and this intention I have endeavoured to carry out by marking with an asterisk or a dagger respectively such words as v/ere either annotated by Mr. 15,562;, is a small quarto volume on paper containing originally probably 145 leaves, of which one has been lost at the beginning, as alreadj' stated. I am afraid instances will be found of words, to which I have attached a dagger, really occurring in the Promptorium, under a slightly dillerent form, sufficiently different to esca])e my notice. When, however, about half of the Catholicon had passed the press, the proposal to join in its production was made to the Camden Society, and it is a source of very great gratification to me that the Council of the Society which printed the l Bromj[dormm has recognized the present volume as a worthy companion to Mr. It has occupied my leisure now for more than three years, and in parting with it I seem to part with an old friend, whose welfare and progress have so largely occupied m}' thoughts during that time. P then communicated with Lord IMonson, but he could, not at first find the book. The order in which the words are nrranged is not the same in the two MSS., nor are the Latin equivalents * See, for instance, under Ivare, )resentative could be found marking the word with a dagger (f). Way had already anno- tated the word I marked it with an asterisk (*). The publications of the English Dialect Society have furnished me with abundant instances of dialectal forms and words occur-, rinf^^ in the Catholioon, and still in use in our Northern Counties. More especially have I been indebted to the Glossaries of Mr. The work was originall}' intended for the members of the Early English Text Society only, the Council of the Camden Society having some years ago determined not to follow^ np the joint publication of Levins' 2Ia'iupulu8 Vocahulorum. Wheatley been able to find time in his busy life to write a longer introduction to this work, but as it is, I can only com- mend the book to the impartial judgment of the members of the two Societies, in the words of the original compiler himself: ' Si qua in ea reprehensione digna invenerint, aut corrigant, aut oculis clausis pertranseantj aut saltern humane ignorancie impulent.' . A Catkolicum^ the first printed Latin and French Vocabulary, was published at Geneva in 1487, and a few yerirs afterwards appeared a Cat Jwlicuvi Abhreviatum at Paris, which was reprinted by Jean Lambert at the same place in 1506. Way's edition of the Tromi a very interesting point must needs become apparent. Way annotated and ex- plained the difficulties of his text with the most unwearied patience, but his authorities were to some extent limited. Why this is so it is, of course, impossible to say: the entries are here given in full, § 2. of the Catholicon is a thick paper volume measuring 8| inches by 6. His work was very highly esteemed, and it was a very natural pro- ceeding for the unknown English lexicographer to appropriate so well known a title. One most curious point about it is that while up to- S it contains far fewer words than Lord ]\[onson''s MS., from * that letter on it has more than double the entries. Thus this interesting book, which remained for so many years on the list of work to be done, is at Icngtli placed on the more satisfiictory list of work accomplished. The names fittnched to the old Dictionanes are curious and worthy of a passing notice here. convenience attending tlie existence of a double set of notes, and the risk wliicli exists of additional notes being overlooked, I do not know tlijit any apology for their presence is necessary^. Of the former I have made free use, although, at the same time, endeavouring to gather together illustrations and quotations not to be found there.

Tiie dilliculiy of I ho undertaking must have been very groat in those days when the taoilitios for compilation were comparatively few. In the Keport of the Early English Text Society for 1865 it was announced ■ that a series of old English Dictionaries would be issued^ to commence with two of the earliest and most important printed oncs_, namely, Iluloet's and Barefs Ahearie. A few words Avill explain the method adopted in printing the collations of A. Extending as they do over a period of more than 500 years, from 1085 to 1600, they afford an almost inexhaustible mine of material to the student, and the complete glossary and index which we arc promised to them and the other issues of the Society will be one of the most valuable W(U'ks in existence. That the work will be found in every way satisfactory is far beyond my exjiectations. Ilis varied learning peculiarly fitted him for the task he had undertaken, and the tools with which he worked — a fine collec- tion of Dictionaries — he bequeathed to the Society of Antiquaries. It was printed by Pynson in 1499, by Julian Notary in I50(S, and by AVynkyn de Worde in 1510, 1512, 1516, and 1528. Of the publications of the Camden Society the most useful to me liave been the Thornton Rormnces, the A7icren Ix 'mle, and the Bvr}/ If ills S}- Tnvcjitories, the last containing a large number of valuable and interesting words and forms. Albert Way was the first scholar to recognize the utility of an old Dictionary as a whole, and to devote years of labour to the ilhistration of the words in the oldest English-Latin Dictionary extant. Many of my illustrations, as well as- hints and helps for many oihers are due to the publications of the late ]\Ir. - • I have, of course, placed all the publications of the Early English Text Society under contribution, many of them, espe- cially those most recently issued, I had to read through myself for the purpose, as they are not included in Stratmann. ]Ierrtagc has ulludod in lii.s 'Introduction' to the obligation we are under to Lord IMou Hon, hut 1 wish t^pocially to exp^o^U(^m only ^ij; the ut Klitions fntin tho * Promptaarium ' is a more coi-roct form than ' Promptorium,' and means a storehouse or repository. Extended reading has brought extended knowledge, and the value of these additions — and 1 believe that much of value will be found in them — - wnll be, I think, the best apology for their existence. as the basis of my text ; first, because it was the fuller and more correct of the two, besides which it was ready copied out for me ; and secondly, because it was perfect. has lost one leaf at the beannninc and two at the end, besides three in the body of the work. For later English my chief helps have been Iluloet's Abce- dari? In a comjiaratively short period, considering tlic large amount of research required * Mr. They give a distinctive character to the several works^ which the works would not possess if they were called b}^ the general title of Dictionary. In any work of this class it is absolutely unavoidable that fresh, and in many cases better, ilhi.strations of words will crop up after the sheets have been printed off. In Wright's Volume of Vocabularies, although it is far from satisfactorily free from faults and mistakes, I Lave found an almost endless source of illustrations of many words and of all dates 2. ^ A new edition, *^vith large additions and corrections, and cilito«l by Prof.

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