Invalidating a session in javascript

How would I validate a session if user leaves the site or closes the borwser window. after i have invalidated my session(this happens after the user clicks on a link to a jsp "Log Off") ..i donot want the user to go back into the application by just clicking on the back button of the browser. Right now ...i use the following script on the page preceding the ...

To my knowledge there is no way of knowing when a user leaves the site or closes the browser window but there has to be something that I can do to destroy sesions beside reducing timeout time in Hi guys, Not sure whether this question has been asked - Is it possible to create a new session without invalidating the current session ?

This allows me to allow access to web pages only to valid user. I am thinking that the only solution now is to properly validate when the user logs on and then properly invalidate when the user logs out or leaves the ...

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When a PC closes a browser, the session on the server is still alive.

If the session reference was the only one, that object becomes unreachable and eligible for GC, but if there are other references, nothing happens to the object. I want to make a function that allow an administrator user to invalidate the session of others users that are logged in my web application (and so force them to log out).

Now I store the session id of all users that are logged in on a db ...

In this tutorial, we will learn how to set the User session, validating the user details at the time of Login using JSP?

By: Vanka Manikanth, on For every user there will be a particular session, here we are validating the details of a user and setting the user in a session and finally we are invalidating the user.

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