Intimidating football team names

Our goal was to create a fair, balanced, highly scientific, and entirely empirical system of evaluation. The term could refer to something fast, or something that zips up. The University of Alabama, however, seems to have moved in the opposite direction.

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Creativity, humor and resourcefulness are all on display in fantasy league's across the country, as players try and find the best possible NFL-related pun or play on words possible.

And broccoli, when steamed perfectly, is precisely the right shade of green for Dartmouth.

For the naysayers who think that a broccoli mascot lacks the ability to evoke fear in a rival team, you should go to any college dining hall and watch how religiously students avoid the broccoli.

Those numbers were lovely, and they were probably useful for something. The choice of the kangaroo makes a lot of sense because of, um, all the kangaroos running free in Eastern Ohio? But if you've ever watched a minute of college football, you know the team is the Alabama Crimson Tide, not the Alabama Elephants.

The team got its name in 1907 during a game against Auburn played in a sea of mud.

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