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And I think that stemmed from a relationship before I moved to Nashville. It was just this resigned sense of futility that it’s all over.”"Like Lovers" is similarly heartbreaking. Davis explains how guitar playing can be as personal as songwriting.

“You wish you could walk away worthy of how you loved them. He's more prone to expand his repertoire with only Zimmerman in earshot than he is if a country guitar god like Vince Gill entered the room.

There's competition to be better than the other, it's done "in a semi-healthy way," he says.

This summer will find the duo on an extended radio tour to support the album and "Hanging on a Lie." There's no sign that they're growing tired of one another.

For two years, they just worked, until finally IRS label head John Grady recognized Zimmerman while teaching a songwriting class at Vanderbilt.

was recorded live, using the band one sees on stage with Zimmerman and Davis each night.

"She probably still made the faces, but it was very much more of a dance than a wrestle.”The pair's path to their debut album is as unexpected as their partnership.

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There is a softer side to her, however — to both of them, actually.“There’s a song on the record called ' God and You,' and she played a really sweet slide solo on that," Davis says from the IRS Records office on Music Row.Zimmerman remembers being 10 years old and her father buying her a 0 acoustic when she wanted the electric guitar hanging on the wall of his music store.When she earned the electric, she'd get it, he said.“I never really thought that just being a girl, you should do more of the strumming kind of singer-songwriter thing. "It’s just not what I wanted to do.”What separates her and them from other shredders — and what will ultimately determine their success commercially — is the songwriting.Then they pull back to play a few of the softer songs on their debut album, ) and "Crossroads."They close with "Make a Liar Out of Me," a song that sets you back if you thought "Trouble Is as Trouble Does" was a anomaly. Davis watches with a grin as his bandmate and favorite songwriting partner works the strings of her guitar through the neck.She plays — and this is meant as a compliment — ugly.“I know when I play slide, I mouth what I’m doing on the slide," Zimmerman tells Taste of Country the next day.

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