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The Spartan system was so effective that men, old enough to take wife, often found it difficult to get aroused with women, which they had to, in order to sire more soldiers.In Ancient Greece, this was formalised into a system in which the older male was known as the played the sexual role of a woman. He invented an alternative, which we now call ‘Platonic Love’.

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So they had sex with girly-boys, who would one day become men.Plato meant this to apply only to love between two males, because he regarded men who loved women as being fools who would have all their strength and power taken.For him, sex with a woman had one purpose, reproduction, and that was it.From the ‘Dancing Boys’ of Afghanistan to the trans girls of Asia, from down-town Sao Paulo to Paris, in every culture, all through history, boys become girls in order to attract men. Those capable of taking life with a pinch of salt, and wit, read on.) Greek sculpture celebrated the beautiful girly-boy.The beautiful girly-boy has always been with us, and she is not going away. If you are a Usican or a feminist you might need a humour transplant before reading it. This was a transgender passion, for the object of sexual attraction here was the youthful boy, the young male, who was regarded as so much more perfect than any woman, yet who played the woman in the act of sex. Consider Sparta, where warriors lived in barracks outside the city.

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