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See for yourself: This is literally my favorite dating game of all time, and if you were on Tumblr anytime in 2012, you know what this game is, too.

Nothing makes John Cena more enticing than him wearing a white blob that's supposed to be a button-up shirt.

It was the beginning of college when I fell to my lowest point and entered the rabbit hole that IS dating simulation games. You're just a random protagonist who doesn't have a lot of personality and there's just a group of ridiculously hot people that conveniently want to date this "virtual" you.

Past the paywall, you're able to read through a story game of pursuit and adorable, passionate romance.

Even though she's now in an alpaca form, she is still a high school student, so you as the player, have to help her navigate a normal school life while in this absurd form. Honestly, boys these days are so disappointing that I might as well go for my local office printer. This really takes the whole "office romance" idea to a whole new level that nobody wanted to go to.

She even manages to play the violin in one part of the game. sounds a little questionable, and I don't know if it makes it better if the "brother" in question is a Brother printer. This is a game where you're trying to pursue a sentient, sexy printer at your school. People like me who play dating games are doing so because we're as single as it can get in the real world.

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