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We strongly hope you will find this super-easy to follow.

These 144 free typing lessons and/or exercises cover from letters to numbers to symbols.

Besides free typing practice apps, there are many free typing apps and free typing games available on the Internet.

Some of the free typing games are very much interesting and addicting.

If you are a fan of Ninja games, try our Cat Ninja game. Just go to the certificate page for typing speed test free and log in before you start your typing test online. When your index fingers rest on the F and J keys, your other fingers will naturally fall into other keys.

Click on a typing training link below and start your typing practice now.

Typing Practice 1: Home Row - Index fingers: J and FTyping Practice 2: Home Row - Middle fingers: K and DTyping Practice 3: Home Row - Review: JFKDTyping Practice 4: Home Row - Ring fingers: S and LTyping Practice 5: Home Row - Pinkie fingers: A and ; Typing Practice 6: Home Row - Index fingers: G and HTyping Practice 7: Home Row - Back and forth Typing Practice 8: Home Row - Left hand keys 1Typing Practice 9: Home Row - Left hand keys 2Typing Practice 10: Home Row - Right hand keys 1Typing Practice 11: Home Row - Right hand keys 2Typing Practice 12: Home Row Review 1Typing Practice 13: Home Row Review 2Typing Practice 14: Home Row Review 3Typing Practice 15: Home Row Review 4Typing Practice 16: Home Row Review 5Typing Practice 17: Home Row Review 6Typing Practice 18: Top Row - Index fingers: R and UTyping Practice 19: Top Row - Middle fingers: E and ITyping Practice 20: Top Row - Ring fingers: W and OTyping Practice 21: Top Row - Pinkie fingers: Q and PTyping Practice 22: Top Row - Index fingers: T and YTyping Practice 23: Top Row - Back and forth Typing Practice 24: Top Row - All left hand 1Typing Practice 25: Top Row - All left hand 2Typing Practice 26: Top Row - All right hand 1Typing Practice 27: Top Row - All right hand 2Typing Practice 28: Top Row Review 1Typing Practice 29: Top Row Review 2Typing Practice 30: Top Row Review 3Typing Practice 31: Top Row Review 4Typing Practice 32: Top Row Review 5Typing Practice 33: Bottom Row - Index fingers: V and MTyping Practice 34: Bottom Row - Middle fingers: C and , Typing Practice 35: Bottom Row - Ring fingers: X and .

This series of 144 typing practice exercises is kind of “all in one” typing test speed test online version for every touch typing learner. Here are some achievement goals/targets for each level of progress: Beginner level goals: Two goals – (a) just try to build the good habit of using the right fingers to press the right key and (b) make sure that you can easily and correctly press the keys in function row, number row, tab row, home row, bottom row, and space bar row.

Our typing test online can help you to learn this lesson. You should practice typing as long as you do not achieve professional scores in your typing tests. Intermediate level goals: Two goals – (a) identify which keys or key combinations are giving you trouble and practice typing more to iron these errors out and (b) make sure you can accurately and comfortably use both hands and all fingers to press the keys. Practicing long periods are less useful than practicing many short periods. Our site has free typing test online and free typing practice.

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