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With all its likeable actors, surely one of them would go on to huge mainstream success, right? Miranda Cosgrove has done some more television acting, but her biggest role to date is as a voice in the as the characters consumed all kinds of delicious treats throughout the show.While the actors say the show’s prop department tried their best to make sure the food they had to eat was as yummy as possible, that doesn’t mean the actors enjoyed it every time.We always seem to expect that kids who have become stars will go on to ever greater heights, as though the only way they can go is up.While some Nickelodeon child stars have certainly gone on to become A-listers, not all of them can say the same.As it turns out, the absent parent is an extremely important motif to , as every main character comes from an unconventional parenting situation.Specifically, every single main character only has one parent appear in the show.None of these names has the same ring as Disney and Nickelodeon each deal in very similar kinds of entertainment on their respective TV channels, as they both produce kids shows with similar tone, content, and messaging.

He wanted his main character to have more control over the story and her surroundings, so he changed the premise to Cosgrove playing the director and star of a web show. famously showed Carly and Spencer reuniting with their father, who, over the course of the entire show, had been stationed in the Navy away from home.

premiered in 2016, and has run for two seasons thus far.

However, it ran into controversy in 2017, as one of its main cast members was Jake Paul.

Sometimes the actors had to eat something their characters loved, but they didn’t care for.

Jennette Mc Curdy recalls different episodes she hated filming, because she had to eat pie or some other food she didn’t like.

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