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“We tapped a development house for the beta version of the app.

We paid them Php100,000 but they were unable to deliver the full app.

“We started selling standalone apps in March last year, and already we have earned close to Php2 million.

We charge for as low as Php60,000 to as high as Php700,000 for the really complex apps,” she adds.

They pooled their resources together to raise Php60,000 as startup capital, covering the cost of hosting the website and allowance for four coders.

The initial concept was that of a chat roulette where you can talk to another member for free for the first five minutes.

“Most of the dating apps now are made by guys, Western guys in particular,” she says.

Basic access to the full app is free, but users need to buy coins to unlock certain features such as being able to see your fans and who viewed your profile.

She shared Peekawoo's story and the guy invited her to make a pitch.

She got a funding of ,000 from Kickstart Ventures the day after.

I used an online chat app before and I enjoyed my first experience.

This is why I decided to create Peekawoo and make an online dating app my business.” Being a developer, Balace, together with a Cebu-based partner, created the first version of Peekawoo's website in less than two weeks in early 2013.

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