Filenet capture statistics not updating

In regards to the cloud, the client was more focused on Amazon or Azure and could not justify the move from a running a stable on-premise system to the cloud or a new platform.In the end, the team reached a preliminary decision to continue to run on their existing File Net 5.2 unsupported.Many times, upgrades can be difficult and risky and could result in a variety of costs and issues that, to the end users, don’t necessarily add value.Typically in regards to upgrades for stable clients, TSG will typically recommend: Since the client was using a third party tool to access File Net, that tool at a minimum would also require upgrading. X need to decide whether to upgrade to the 5.5 version, run unsupported, or migrate to another option.For File Net customers, the decision to upgrade or migrate is not a simple decision.

You must use the IBM Installation Manager uninstaller to uninstall IBM Installation Manager on a client computer.If an older version of IBM Installation Manager is installed, the IBM Installation Manager Kit can update the IBM Installation Manager to that version.If the version of the installed IBM Installation Manager is the same as that of the IBM Installation Manager Kit or newer, the IBM Installation Manager on the system will stay the same.If a preference is specified in both the response file and the current Installation Manager settings, the response file takes precedence.If the clean option is set to true, Installation Manager uses the repository and other preferences from the response file; the existing Installation Manager preference settings are not used.

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