Facts about online dating predators

Sites like Omegle that invite kids to talk to strangers are a parent's nightmare.

Teaching your child not to talk to strangers is one of the first lessons in life that a parent gives their child. Kids are naturally curious and many kids visit them thinking it's no big deal. They are disturbing and ripe with nudity and explicit disgusting sexual behavior in addition to being havens for predators.

According to a Harrisinteractive/Mc Affee study, more than half of teens (52 percent) have given out personal information online to someone they don't know offline including personal photos and/or physical descriptions of themselves.

Many 13- to 17-year-olds (69 percent) have updated their status on social networking sites to include their physical location, 28 percent chatted with strangers (people whom they did not know in the offline world) and 12 percent have posted their cellphone number.

But there’s no reason to give up — dating can help build character … Fortunately for you, these online daters have decided to share their worst dating app experiences so you don’t have to feel alone, reminiscing about the times you wish you never swiped right.

Hannah Sutker, 26 “I was working as a hostess in a burger shop and one night, I started swiping on Tinder because I got bored.

The more information kids post about themselves on line the easier it is for a predator to find them.

Predators are master manipulaters and provide the online "pretend" support these kids are looking for to build trust and to verify the child's feelings.

Adolescence is a time of turmoil for many kids resulting in difficult relationships with parents as they are seeking to be independent adults. Some kids may feel lonely, unsupported, that their parents are too strict, and that no one understands them.

They may turn to the Internet and chat rooms to find someone they can talk to and feel a connection with.

By that time an emotional connection has been made." After a nude picture is sent by the child, sometimes sextortion occurs, extortion using sexual images. He then threatened her if she didn't send more naked pictures. The 28-year-old man from El Salvador was planning on picking up this girl from school that afternoon.

This recently happened to a Massachusetts 13-year-old who thought she was communicating with a teenager. The man had sent her the cellphone; her mom didn't know she had one. In both situations, these predators found their victim on Facebook. E-mentor kids online especially when they have a computer in their bedroom.

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