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What the injector does is to first displace the rear optic ahead of the front optic by way of a sliding tray," Dr. "Both optics are then compressed into the lumen of the injector.The surgeon uses a plunger to advance the lens into the eye, one optic at a time.Here's a look at this technology, its long-term international results and the injector that makes the whole package work.

This limits the accommodative potential for myopic patients requiring lower-power optics.

The change in the refractive power of the eye, when the image of a near object is brought into focus on the retina, is defined as accommodation; such a process must involve an increase in the dioptric power of the system [4].

Helmholtz (1856) proved that accommodation is accomplished by the change of the power of the crystalline lens associated with the active action of the ciliary body.

You can view the forward movement of the anterior optic with high-frequency ultrasound biomicroscopy."The challenge with the Synchrony involved getting the large lens into the eye, however.

"When we started our studies of the lens," recalls Colombian surgeon and Visiogen consultant Ricardo Alarcon-Jimenez, "we used forceps to implant it, which was really difficult because it's two lenses in one."Early on during the evolution of lens, the company knew it needed a reliable injector, says Dr. "A pre-loaded injector system was eventually developed, and it has made implantation of this complicated lens design surprisingly manageable.

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