Door county wisconsin dating

Probably the most well-known feature of Door County is its landscape dotted with family-owned and operated cherry orchards.

The sight of so many Door County cherries signals the immense popularity of this delicious crop, and with good reason.

One of the first hotels in Ephraim, opened around 1900 as the area transitioned from lumber and fishing to tourism.

Started by Norwegian immigrant Martin Oleson and his family.

The Hanover was a 109-foot 2-masted schooner constructed in New York in 1853.

It hauled bulk cargo (primarily grain) up and down the Great Lakes until 1863, when a gale drove it aground off the Strawberry Islands, where it was stripped and abandoned.

It is intended to provide a comprehensive listing of entries in the National Register of Historic Places that are located in Door County, Wisconsin.

The locations of National Register properties for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below may be seen in a map.139-foot 2-masted wooden schooner-barge built in 1871 by Alvin A. Hauled lumber from Peshtigo to Chicago, then in 1898 started hauling stone.

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All hauled limestone for the Sturgeon Bay Stone Company at the ends of their lives and were burned in 1931.

The Lake Side: Often known as the “quiet side,” the eastern shore of Door County faces Lake Michigan.

Spectacular sunrises are a daily occurrence, and the shoreline includes sand dunes, beaches and rugged vistas.

No artificial flavoring can compare to the taste of real cherries.

Many have tried to imitate their robust flavor, but as far as we and virtually everyone we hear from are concerned, there is no comparison.

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