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At this time, however, it feels like I would be neglecting my duty as a dad who wants my child to develop a strong conscience and values set if I just overlooked or sidestepped the things she hears and questions.

I don’t want her remembering this time and wondering whether her parents were silent. Savannah has processed this information stream and come up with two takeaways that she will tell anyone who will listen: Sure, the TEA Party started making things weird even before our current decade began. To even concede that this is a “new normal” is, to my mind, an exceedingly dangerous choice for the continuation of our nation.

I know when they see a cause fro celebration and when they see concern within their “victory.” They see concern here.

They know that another gay couple could go back into Masterpiece, suffer the same discrimination (or worse now that Phillips feels emboldened), and file a new suit. And if/when this happens, the ADF will be even more optionless than they were before.

Listening to ADF lawyers on both mainstream and conservative media, it’s clear to me that this is not the outcome they wanted.

Because again, I speak their language quite fluently.

Yes, I would have made it clear to my child that we rejected things that this person was promoting, and yes I would have ensured her that her daddies will always protect her.One needs to be able to read the subtext within the carefully crafted legal briefs.One needs to have years of experience dealing with these aggressors to know why they are twisting and turning the way that they are.------------------ Since I was once so vocal about these so-called “religious freedom” cases, a number of people have asked me to jumped back on here and weigh in on the Masterpiece Cakes decision in longer form than my Twitter habits (@goodasyou) will allow. Not because we should’ve lost, but because we very much live in a country where questions regarding religion can be morphed and twisted in a way that obscures fact, even among learned people. To fully understand the full range of complexities associated with anti-LGBTQ cases like this one, one needs a very specific and rarefied skills set.One needs to understand what organizations like the Alliance Defending Freedom are and what they what they really one.

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