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But Craig has no axe to grind with Leigh — now more familiar in the guise of Celebrity Juice host Keith Lemon — insisting his comedy portrayal only enhanced his view that his music needed to improve.

Craig says: “I think a lot of people felt that it did a lot more damage than actually it had done to me.

Everything that moves up, the same thing runs with it.

“So never get fooled that you may have had success early on and financially it may be giving you something. But I’m very grateful that I’ve got good people around me and good management that have never allowed me to get to the position where I’ve overspent and I’ve put myself in a situation where if music wasn’t doing its thing for me then I wouldn’t be able to function.” Craig credits his financial caution to his “working-class roots” and his dad’s words — “Do you really need this? But given his recent success, surely even his dad would understand if he treated himself.

“But even with age you’ll just know, you’ll just be with someone and you won’t think about it.We’ll do another one at some point but if it wasn’t AFRO JACK and DIDDY coming through . Gift: I’VE had a really beautiful, elaborate cake made for me, which is like attention to detail. They were playing, one minute BIGGIE and some kind of, like, Juicy.The next they’d go into Macarena, and I was, ‘Guys, this can’t happen.’ TOKIO MYERS has come a long way since winning Britain’s Got Talent back in June.Tokio said: “I met him when we did the Grenfell song and he was a big fan of what I was doing. I don’t know what’s going to happen but Stormzy is a f***ing legend.” Tokio has opted against teaming up with loads of chart-toppers for his own upcoming album.In an exclusive chat, he said: “I’ve kept it like DISCLOSURE did at the start with their debut album – no big names.” With his eye for talent, there could be some future stars, though.

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