David cook and kimberly caldwell still dating

Plus, like I mentioned about 6 times before, I was pretty drunk. Not only is there a freakish resembelance to Kim Caldwell, but Goatlove was sooooo right. Which wouldn’t be a big deal or anything if he wasn’t wearing horrific stage foundation. They drown nearly every femaled contestant in a flood of glitter.

I guess that shit is supposed to cover your facial flaws underneath those bright lights or some such nonsense, but I think it’s exacerbating Adam’s complexion issues. I swear those chicks can barely open their eyes because they glue on like 5–10 ounces of mirrored confetti on each eyelid.

Reality TV: Believe it or not, the much-maligned genre does something well, the Los Angeles Times wants you to know.

It includes a lot more diverse characters than scripted TV. Which is kind of funny, considering we were never into it in the first place!

Susan Boyle: This may seem very mean but just remember we didn’t suggest it first! SIZZLED OUT: Tyra Banks STILL SIZZLING: This celeb hopes she won’t be judged for falling for a prank by Sacha Baron Cohen in the upcoming film, Bruno. She took to her Twitter to tell everyone the problem was just dehydration. Oprah: Caught part of an episode today and saw she was communicating with guests via Skype. Oscars: If you’re not into the nominated movies (and believe us, it’s possible! The Hills: One of the shows that will be the subject of panels at this year’s Paley Festival. Jimmy Fallon: There’s a lot riding on him when his NBC late-night show finally starts airing.

PEOPLE is doing a poll on who should play Boyle in a biopic and Robin Williams is one of the options. Hulu: Partnering with Disney to show ABC and other affiliated shows like Lost and Grey’s Anatomy. John Mc Cain: What we can only guess is an attempt to remain as relevant as his former running mate, Sarah Palin, the one-time presidential candidate will be host of a war-themed movie marathon on AMC. The Daily Beast: Put together a photo gallery of face masks inspired by the swine flu. Posted in Uncategorized with tags 24, A & E, Academy Awards, American Idol, Beyonce, Brothers & Sisters, CSI, Facebook, Justin Guarini, Katherine Mc Phee, Lost, MC Hammer, Miley Cyrus, obama, Oprah, Oscars, Paley Festival, Robert Pattison, Skype, Solange, the hills, Twitter, USA Today, zac efron on February 19, 2009 by sizzlemaker Obama: It was only a matter of time before a political cartoon relating to our new president caused outrage. ), here are three other reasons to watch: Zac Efron, Miley and Robert Pattison. After all, does he really want to go down in history with these failures?

PM: Wow, Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia Barrino, and La Toya London are together again onstage singing "Bridge Over Troubled Water." PM: Jennifer Lopez is smokin' hot singing "Ain't Your Mama" in a super short ruffled dress with green headband.

She follows up with a costume change and "Let's Get Loud!

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PM: Jessica Sanchez takes on Celine with "The Prayer." PM: Amber Holcomb and Ruben Studdard sing a sweet rendition of "Here, There, and Everywhere." PM: Carly Smithson sings "Here You Come Again," followed by Clay Aiken singing "You Fill Up My Senses." Both reminding us of just how talented they are! PM: We can't get over how different Bo Bice looks!The show is sure to be a wild ride as past coaches return and former contestants take the stage before the Season 15 winner is crowned. SPOILERS AHEAD PM: Time to find out who the final "American Idol" winner is! The duo just gifted Ryan with a giant "American Idol" sign!Will the winner be soul singer Trent Harmon or powerhouse La’Porsha Renae? PM: Throwback videos of the judges and Ryan are the best! SIZZLED OUT: Justin Guarini STILL SIZZLING: This popular former game show host admits he’s not one of its “loyal” viewers. Posted in Uncategorized with tags Adam Brody, American Idol, Entertainment Weekly, EW, Fashion Week, Gawker, hayden christensen, Jezebel, Jimmy Fallon, Los Angeles Times, Lost, nbc, Perez Hilton.com, rachel bilson, Reality TV, Salma Hayek, Sanjaya, The TVAddict.com, Time, twilight, Wheel of Fortune on February 18, 2009 by sizzlemaker Lost: We’re starting to regret never jumping on this bandwagon. Facebook: A recent uproar about Terms of Service changes may have been quelled but it’s still worth reading what happened and who was behind it.

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