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I started the day discouraged and negative about my relationship history and prospects for the future, and ended the day feeling lighter, clearer, hopeful, and with knowledge of the obstacles that I was putting in my own way!!

Lois helped me define my idea of my perfect love relationship and assisted with a plan to attract it into my life.

It was packed with valuable information and insight.

Lois provided a safe and loving space for our group to explore a very tender topic, one that is dear to all our hearts!!!

These concepts (and more) aren’t generally spoken of in traditional relationship ‘self-help” books and are what makes this workshop unique and thought-provoking.

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Lois will offer new concepts that go against all the “old rules” of dating.Having experienced the value of a reading with Lois, I was intrigued to participate in her intuition class. But by the end of the first class when I had proven to myself that I was actually able to “read” complete strangers, I began to let my guard down. Ultimately they just couldn’t attract what they were seeking.Lois contends it starts with the perfect profile and she can help with that. Rules are not clearly written and even though it has been around for quite some time, it is still challenging to navigate the complexities of dating in general and on-line dating in particular.The entire process is done over the phone and by email. I had been dating online for a few weeks without luck. I was beginning to believe that there was something wrong with me and that it was futile to continue searching. This workshop is a hard hitting high confront look at relationship needs and desires.However, after Lois’ help and guidance with my profile, within a week of updating I went one final coffee date. In this workshop we will look at past patterns and the different love languages that can be effective in changing how we relate to our partners.

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