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The group, formed in 2000, released four studio albums. They recorded and released their first EP entitled Mix Up Words and Sounds through Splinter, produced by Chris Corner. It featured the singles "Turn It Up" and "The DJ's Got a Gun".

The band's eponymous début studio album was released through Recall in 2001, produced by Chris Corner. The cover for "Boys" featured a mimic of Roxy Music's Country Life. The band's third studio album, We're in the Music Biz, was released through President in 2008, and was again produced by Chris Corner.

Meow chooses to select the “Random Chat”as its core feature, where it will pair you up randomly with someone for a chat.

Unlike other apps in Singapore such as Paktor and Love Out Loud where you would need both parties to “like” each other first before you could chat, Meow takes a page from popular China app We Chat’s “Shake” and “People Nearby” feature.

Essentially, Meow finds you best matches and helps you socialize and meet new people and friends.

It combines the element of discovery and social chatting together.

and released the single "Wake Up" on , which included a remix by Electrosexual & Scream Club. " was inspired by Barry M cosmetics, who financed a music video-cum-ad featuring "Robot Blue" lipstick and costuming.

With 138% of their pledge goal met by fans, the studio album was released on 11 July 2011.

Called Meow, the mobile app claims to be the “fastest growing social network with millions of members from every country”.This restriction on contact information invites subversion.If you can somehow sneak your email address into your profile, " " You can avoid paying, and you can attract the people who are really scouring your profile.Converting a community into paying customers is considerably harder.On, I count on merchandise, click-thru ads and monthly advertising schemes. New visitors will often devote hours crafting a worthy profile, uploading a complimentary set of photos and composing a personal description which touts an exaggerated appreciation for classical literature.

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