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In a fascinating evolution of thought and practice, Flourish refines what Positive Psychology is all about.While certainly a part of well-being, happiness alone doesn’t give life meaning.

Instead, it was more a descriptive book about the general background of positive psychology and several ways it has been used in the past several years. Seligman spent time defending himself against critics, which seemed out of place in this book to me. Seligman and positive psychology, you'll enjoy reading these stories about how the positive psychology model is From the title, I was expecting a prescriptive book.

I found the work he is doing This book was not what I expected but a good read nonetheless. The title of the book is, "Flourish", after all but what I got was a gallop through all of Mr Seligman's life-work.

I found the work he is doing with the army very interesting.

Edit: Now finished (well, I have to admit that I quickly I'm about 1/2 way through this book. There's also some annoying self-congratulatory stuff like how he mentions he was elected president of the APA with the highest margin of victory ever.

I was hoping for lot more nuts & bolts, this is what you can do to flourish type content.

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