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Not that you’re a jealousy-prone kind of woman, but connecting with your guy in public broadcasts to the people around you that you’re in a relationship, says Dr. “It also makes both of you feel special,” he adds, “since there’s a room or street full of people around and yet you’re focusing your affections on each other, tuning everyone else out.” 3 TRIED-AND-TESTED MOVES Okay, so you get that PDA will make you and your guy tight.But, experts say that simply pawing your guy won’t work.

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For most guys, those teeny gestures won’t register as PDA, says Dr.Whispering something like “I’m so lucky to have you” can have as strong an effect as something more hands-on.It should feel organic when you whip out any PDA, Parrott says, but these are best when you want to let your guy know how much you care about him. The goal is to make each other feel that you’re in it together when you’re faced with a potentially stressful situation.Also, firm physical touches from a loved one relax the body and cause the release of hormones that downplay anxiety, says Dr. You could add in something like, “He impresses me constantly” if it feels appropriate and won’t be embarrassing to him.The final—and most common type, according to Orbuch—is acts that show lust.

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