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She’s just reacting to the biological programming of her brain, with the same result.The final irony of the Northwest study is that despite the primary attraction values that each gender admits to – beauty and earning power – when their actual real-life choices are examined, both genders highly valued both traits!When one partner bends and flexes every time, the relationship becomes unbalanced and ‘out of whack’.” So next time you’re feeling that tug of attraction to someone you know is drastically different than you, take a second look.

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“She posted pictures that look much better than she did in real life.

When considering whether a particular person is a good relationship candidate for you look to four specific areas.

Energy Level – If she likes to go dancing three times a week and he loves to relax on the couch most nights…look out.

Verbal Skills and Interests – If one person is dying for more conversation and the other wants more peace and quiet, there is a lot of stress. “This flexibility allows people to consider the differences, evaluate them, propose alternative solutions, and then resolve them.

Having considered all these points there is one personality trait that can mitigate the danger of a relationship between opposites. Of course, it is vital that two people be willing to compromise.

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    Besides your looks, personality, interests and employment status, your location can influence your odds of finding a romantic partner.

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