Dating lister stationary engines

Mr Southwell explained his was taking the designs to Petters to discuss manufacturing.

Inevitably this occasionally caused tensions: for example, George managed home sales and Frank was in charge of buying, while Cecil did not have a clearly defined role at all, and, although Robert was the eldest, it was Percy (later Sir Percy) who had by far the most significant impact.

In 1889 Robert acquired the UK rights to manufacture and sell Danish engineer Mikael Pedersen’s new cream separator, which through a spinning centrifugal separator allowed the machine to run at a constant speed and hence create a regular consistency of cream.

Marketed in the UK and British Empire as “The Alexandra Cream Separator”, its success resulted in Pedersen moving to Dursley.

R A Lister & Company was founded in Dursley, Gloucestershire, England, in 1867 by Sir Robert Ashton Lister (1845–1929), to produce agricultural machinery.

From the 16th century onwards, the Cotswolds were the centre of the world’s woollen industry, but by the late 18th century this dominance was waning with the growth of the cotton mills of Lancashire and Yorkshire.

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