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Some people are addicted to all the excitement that is present in the early phases of the “passion period.” Like an addict constantly in search of the next high, some people simply thrive on supercharged feelings.

So they date one person after another, relishing the thrill of soaring emotions—as long as they last. Some people don’t want to move on to the next stage.

Learning how to listen to your partner and not just argue can help make this phase last longer.

Keeping things new and exciting will also remind the two of you what it's like to be in love.

According to the BBC article "The Science of Love," Dopamine is released at levels that make you crave more time with your honey.

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There are four primary reasons why most relationships never get beyond the stage of passion or infatuation: 1.

The word ignore does not belong in the same sentence with the word abuse.

I have never heard of a honeymoon phase, what exactly is this.

This phase in a relationship can be intimidating to young adults because it involves feelings that you haven't experienced at these levels. Joy Davidson reports in her article "So Your Relationship's Honeymoon Phase is Over?

Here's the Surprising Good News," that this phase will last an average of two years, six months and twenty-five days.

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