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The comfortable, hanging out time is great, but "that comes later on, when you're in a relationship." Also, "[i]f a date isn't going the way you think it should, just be honest and tell him." A bad bitch doesn't eat at Mc Donald's when she was promised Nobu. "Don't settle for a booty call unless that's all you really want to be." On the flip side, "Never booty call someone who likes you." That's a disaster waiting to happen. Of the moment she first shaved her head and created her signature look, Amber says, "I had so much confidence because I wasn't hiding behind anything anymore." 4.

"To be a bad bitch, you need self-confidence, just like you need an inspired, polished look that is completely and totally you." Just as you practice perfecting your makeup in a mirror, "practice talking to yourself in a new, more positive way." It might take years to undue all the negativity, but a bad bitch is nothing if not patient. "Fearlessness is what's attractive to most people, rather than being a size two or having the latest purse or driving a tricked-out car." A bad bitch DGAF about what people think, period.

Old guys aren't my thing, but every time I ask my 30-something boyfriend to talk seriously about our future or shuffle through his apartment that has empty pizza boxes stacked on the dining room table, I can see the advantages of having had someone else remove the training wheels. "From an early age I just found older men to seem reliable and supportive. Bush (he was president at the time) was the most handsome man in the world.

Megan dates older men because, as she says, they are men. It's exhausting." Megan can actually date her attraction to silver foxes back to childhood and a certain ex-President from the late 1980s/early 1990s: "I think this is all George H. In middle school we had an assignment to write a letter to a famous person. The rest of my sixth grade class felt this way about Donnie Wahlberg.

Below, the 15 best pieces of Muva Rose's advice on dating, sex, relationships, and what to do when you just don't feel like swallowing. If there's something you don't like, "don't lie and pretend" you're into it because it just gets harder with time to voice your dislike. "Girls worry too much about making people — especially guys — like them." 4.

"Never, ever send nude photos to a guy." Amber has the final say on nude sexting: "When I say never, I mean fucking " — because when you break up, face it, that fucker is probably going to put it on the Internet.

He did all of this without any hints or prodding on my part. I can speak from experience; more often than not, you will get flowers when he comes to pick you up.

I'm 33, Megan is 37, and the majority of the guests who were not relatives of the bride or groom fell somewhere squarely in between.

Recently recovering from a relationship with a 65-year-old celebrity plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, Megan arrived to the wedding weekend licking her wounds, only to immediately be courted by the 72-year old uncle of the groom. Uncle Jack was away somewhere in France, but the mother of the groom put the kibosh on the whole thing.

Leaving love notes in your purse for you to find later is another common trait of a more mature man….because. A smart and ambitious man in his sixties is not spending so much time at the office. Most guys in their thirties think they're doing YOU a favor by holding your hand and saying that you look beautiful.

He's spending more time and attention on your relationship. A man in his sixties will insist on holding your hand and tell you several times over how lucky he feels to be with you.

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