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How Can Sweating Together Benefit Your Relationship? More Accountability: You may notice that with your favorite workout partner holding you accountable, you’re less likely to skip a workout after you’ve already committed.

A 2015 study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that “men and women are more likely to make a positive health behavior change if their partner does too.” 2.

Our new Orangetheory Fitness studio location will open soon.

So hurry and join the one-hour, science-backed, technology tracked, coach-inspired group workout designed to maximize results before special pre-opening rates end. Fitness challenges at Orangetheory Fitness come in all shapes and sizes.

Think you need to be a runner to reap the benefits of treadmill workouts? “I wanted to lose weight before my daughter’s wedding, but I was very intimidated by everything,” she said.

Your partner’s presence during your workout can boost energy output, improve speed, and increase strength without even knowing it, according to Psychology Today. More Quality Time: Planning an hour together in studio is an extra hour you get to spend with the one you love.

“At about the three-month period Faith and I started dating again,” Bret emphatically reports.

Bret now prioritizes his free time by spending it with his wife and children.

Each day will throw you for a loop and test your endurance, strength and power in more new ways than you ever thought possible. Years go by, and you realize you’ve yet to experience life outside the confines of your own four walls. He decided to try his first free Orangetheory workout to commit to better health, and it was love at first sweat.

So, I encourage you to rid yourself of the self-doubt that stands in the way of your progress and sign up for the challenge. In just a few months, Bret not only built his endurance, strength, and power (shredding an excess 20 pounds in the process), but he also developed a whole new outlook on life.

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