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In cases where hijrah is not possible, al-Faranci urges his viewers to “operate within France,” including by terrorizing French citizens and killing them using weapons, cars, and poison.

Al-Faranci says: “[P]oison the water and food of at least one of the enemies of Allah.

This is the follow up to our first interview to Abu Salman Belarus, leader and spokesman of the group. The Islamic State has lost almost all of its territory and the situation in Idlib could escalate at any moment now. They have been approaching lately and seem to be preparing their army on the borders for an attack. Whatever happens, we are ready to fight and defend our territory. I don’t really know much about the problems between the two groups. We just train the fighters from the Turkistan Islamic Party, Hay’at Tahrir as-Sham and Jaysh al-‘Izza. A: I cannot tell you why, but we don’t want to train them. Training for small tactical groups, bigger pelotons, for military leaders, snipers …? They have to be motivated brothers of action who can work hard and do something for this revolution.

What do you think about the rumor that Russia and Turkey will split Idlib? I don’t know and really don’t care what is going to happen, but they are bombing civilians as you know, and that saddens me. Do you prefer working for HTS or can all of the Idlib-based groups hire Malhama Tactical? They need to have battle experience and have to be in excellent physical condition.

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Malhama Tactical is a group that hasn’t received much attention but is growing more important by the day in Syria.

French jihadist “Abu Salman al-Faranci” is a propagandist and recruiter for ISIS.

Al-Faranci uses Twitter to propagandize and call on Muslims to make hijrah (migrate) to ISIS-held territory.

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Do whatever you are able to do in order to humiliate them, for they deserve only this.”Des combattants français de l’Etat islamique appellent les musulmans à commettre des attentats en France,” MEMRI FR, November 20, 2014,

On August 5, 2015, al-Faranci tweeted, “One who has forsaken hijra [migration] Allah will punish...”Des combattants français de l’Etat islamique appellent les musulmans à commettre des attentats en France,” MEMRI FR, November 20, 2014,

The video—produced by ISIS’s Al-Hayat Media Center—features al-Faranci pressuring his audience to make hijrah to ISIS territory.

In the media, Malhama Tactical has been called the first jihadist private military company (PMC). Assad’s army and its allies will eventually attack, no? Q: Why would you not like to work for Hurrās ad-Dīn, even now there is a general agreement between Hay’at Tahrir as-Sham and Hurras ad-Din? A: My apologies but I cannot tell you, we don’t want to cause any Fitna (discord between fighting groups). Q: Some final questions on Malhama Tactical as an organization, if I may. Who can apply to become a trainer and what are the requirements they would need before getting hired?

In 2017, Foreign Policy dubbed the group “The Blackwater of Jihad”. A: Maybe they will attack, but I don’t know when exactly. Do you think Hay’at Tahrir as-Sham (HTS) will cooperate with the other groups? And honestly speaking the Mujahidin are already united, there is only Faylaq as-Sham, a bigger group, that chose not to affiliate with HTS. I’m not speaking about the Olive Branch or Euphrates Shield operations. What kind of training do you provide, beside weapons training?

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