Dating a girl from a broken home

Maybe all they have been told is that they will forever be unlovable.

You will have to reassure time after time, but the truth is they probably have never known what "love" feels like and find it terrifying, knowing that you might just be someone that will come and go.

Your family will begin to feel like their own family, too, and that scares them because they know that once they lose you, it's like losing the family they never had.

The arguments are going to be completely shut off, or led by emotion.

Was it abuse, the loss of a family member, divorce, or was it the childhood that they lost out on?

When you first are getting to know them they will most likely dance around the questions about their family, background, home life, all of it.

Seeing families come together warms their heart, but also breaks it at the same time. "I know I don't deserve you." This is something that they are going to struggle with for a while.

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They don't remember the last time they had the entire family their for anything.

They may get extremely emotional during this depending on how they are coping with it all.

The real reality of it is that they know that they have lived through a lot, and that it is more of a burden to talk about and pointless.

What is it that they constantly have on their mind?

People who come from broken homes all have very different stories.

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