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Fab and his mom slipped off into the arena (or so I thought).I noticed them walk off and I assumed there were just going to the restroom. He's got my ring tucked safely in his pocket with his beloved blackberry...(side note: Doesn't mom look proud!I asked him who it was when we got in the car, and he said to just trust him but he couldn't tell me.I was confused, but determined not to make a big deal out of it so I left it alone. He grabs Nala, the family dog, and "takes her on a walk" while he's talking to my mom.Customers can find information and tips for wardrobe in the FAQ section of the website or on our blog.If you don’t have a stylist, Anthony can meet with you prior to the shoot to discuss wardrobe.I now know that that mysterious phone call was from my Dad!!! it is not every day that you run into a 28 year old with good old fashioned values (at least not in CA). Turns out he was also revealing his plans to my mom!

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When we got there, I ironed his shirt, and he changed. So, he goes to put the ring on my finger, and he goes for the right hand, so I say "no, no, wrong hand, its the left" Lol. Well, I'm not sure how, but we managed to get out of the house and on our way to the graduation dinner after snapping a couple pics of the ring, which I promptly mass texted to my friends and family from my slowly dying iphone which was already below 20% battery life.Sessions are conducted both in the studio or on location, using both a combination of studio and natural lighting in order to provide superb light for the images.Each session is tailored to the needs of the individual and type of portraits and headshots.That wouldn't be your style." He goes "yeah, you're right.That's not me at all." Now, I never would have imagined that he was fishing for information. We have random conversations about marriage all the time (he'd probably say they're not random because I always bring it up....maybe. I had NO CLUE whatsoever that he was planning on asking me to marry him later that day. Fab's family arrived to Jax around 5 o'clock and we all headed over to the Florida Coastal campus for a Graduation Open House put on by the school that allowed graduates to give their family a tour, talk to the alumni association, and take pics in graduation regalia with family. As we are walking to the car after the Open House, Fab gets a mysterious phone call.

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