Christian carter dating questions women

Here is some great examples right out of the Catch him and Keep Him e Book…For example, using the same playful and confident tone, with a slight mischievous grin, asking, “So what are your weaknesses when it comes to women?

”“How would your last girlfriend describe you to her friends?

Throughout my life, I watched my sisters and my friends spend endless hours trying to figure out what was going on in a man’s head – and why they had such a hard time finding and keeping a truly amazing relationship.

I realized that, as a guy, I could shine a light on what men think and why we behave the way we do – giving you an enormous advantage in dating and relationships.

These three qualities are very high on the list of what really DOES create attraction for a man.

One of the questions Christian Carter tells his readers to ask a man is “What kind of woman do you respect?

”“What have you always wanted in a woman that you haven’t come across yet?

”The idea, says Christian Carter, is to give him a challenge in a playful and fun way in order to keep the attraction going.

“3 questions which can change your dating and relationship forever.” This questions is a VERY high value question, because not only is it a unique thing to ask in a conversation, but it also communicates to him that respect is high on YOUR list of characteristics.His answer will reveal to YOU how he looks at women, what qualities he looks for in a woman and what he likes and dislikes – all without you asking him twenty different questions to put together the same answer.And of course, as with all good TV, the two find each other by luck and fate, and Big finally professes his love.Talk about romantic, intense, suspenseful and full of great drama!

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