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Klein, 26, was arrested by San Diego County sheriff's deputies Feb. He was charged last month with two misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence and driving with a blood-alcohol contect of .20 and above. Arraignment is scheduled for April 29th, the district attorney's office said.

A mug shot of the actor was published on The Smoking Gun's website, which first reported news of the arrest.

Klein was arrested under his full name, Frederick Christopher Klein.

Here is the link: Our thoughts and prayers are with you Brother Klein. __________________ "The Crescent is our symbol, pure, high, ever growing..." "The Cross is our guide..." "I take my pants off like everyone else: I remove one leg, get distracted by twitter, and stand there for an hour half naked like a savage." follow up to the story: Chris Klein Pleads Guilty to Drunk Driving By Associated Press Fri Apr 29, PM VISTA, Calif.

On Sunday, Chris Klein tied the knot to his longtime love Laina Rose Thyfault in Montana. Feel free to let us know once you two start talking babies. "Chris and Laina are very happy and look forward to celebrating their engagement over the holidays," a representative for the actor told People at the time.Klein was engaged to actress Katie Holmes in December 2003, but the couple called it quits in March 2005.Klein entered his plea in Vista Superior Court, his attorney Blair Berk said."Chris dealt with this very seriously and responsibly and he's pleased that it's been resolved," Berk said.

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