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The following sections have been written with a foreigner's perspective of the Chilean business mentality and work environment.It contains cultural tips that many will find useful when doing business here in Chile.If you can show that you know or have learnt something about Chile, it will be appreciated and will give them the opportunity to feel good about their country.Avoid business visits in the months of January and February as executives and staff tend to be away on holiday, slowing down general business activities.

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'Pitutos' (your connections) are used a lot to get information or to do deals.

Chile has one of the highest rates of working hours in the world, though unfortunately this doesn't convert into higher productivity.

A couple of years ago, a law was passed to make the working week 45 hours instead of 48 as before.

With many free trade agreements having come into effect (USA, Europe, Asia), Chile is on the threshold of a very bright future.

Chile has world class industries in relevant sectors: Copper Mining, Forest products, Fruit, Fishing and Salmon being the leading ones. Sometimes if you have an appointment and you arrive on time, you will be kept waiting even if the person is not doing anything important.

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