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Vampires get all the love and werewolves are left in the dark.

Taylor was born February 11, 1992, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

i think that since she is like "new" she doesn't have many songs out yet! Taylor Swift wrote Back to December about Taylor Launter.

:( I love you Taylor ): Technically, no they didn't date, but they did have feelings for eachother.

Taylor launter is tan and 5 feet he has brown short hair and is handsome looking. Tan skin, hazel eyes, hot smile, short dark brown hair, great abs, gawjus, fit, musclear, good cheek bones, strong build - hes awesome, and yeh he has a FANTASTIC smile xx no, she is a nice girl . Taylor Launter would love to go out with any one who is nice ,smart ,and cute . Because he is a nice loving and caring person and does not like to hurt woman 's hearts .

Cassie and Taylor are not dating so don't let anybody tell u that just because they kissed!!

she also sings black sweatshirts and blue jeans, I'm not sure how that song goes though. -- Taylor Lautner is WAY hotter then Robert Pattinson.

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