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It contains the information used to build the repository catalogue.

The manifest is in UCL format, it contains all the information about the package: name: foo version: 1.0 origin: category/foo comment: this is foo package arch: i386 www: maintainer: [email protected]: /usr/local licenselogic: or licenses: [MIT, MPL] flatsize: 482120 users: [USER1, USER2] groups: [GROUP1, GROUP2] options: desc: This allows overriding the users, groups and mode of files and directories during package creation.

The SQLite database allow fast queries and ACID transactions.

It also allows finding the reverse dependencies reliably without a needing the REQUIRED_BY hack.

So, for example, this allows to creation of a package containing root-owned files without being packaged by the root user.

When a package is installed, it is registered in a SQLite database.

# Install packages pkg_add autoconf automake libtool bitrig-binutils bzip2 git libarchive # set environment variables export AUTOMAKE_VERSION=1.15 export AUTOCONF_VERSION=2.69 # create a download directory mkdir ~/git # install pkgconf cd ~/git git clone cd pkgconf ././configure make sudo make install # install pkg cd ~/git git clone cd pkg ././configure make sudo make install In this section of the document we will try to give a quick and dirty introduction on the practical usage of pkg - installing packages, searching in remote package repositories, updating remote package repositories and installing from them, etc.A repository is a collection of packages which have been gathered together, had a catalogue created and then published, typically by exposing the repository via HTTP or some other networking protocol.You can also publish a repository from a local or NFS mounted filesystem (using file:// style URLs) or via SSH (using ssh:// URLs.) In order to install the package foo-1.2.3 from a local pkg tarball, use a command similar to the following: You will need to make sure that all dependencies of foo-1.2.3 are either also available as tarballs in the same directory, or previously installed by other means.Note that this build and install procedure does not update the local package database at all, so you will get some odd effects due to the packaging system being misled into thinking an older version of pkg is installed.Note: if you're running anything other than Free BSD or Dragon Fly, you will need to do some porting work.

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