Bryan greenberg dating anyone

And if he was wearing a ring, she would have felt more at ease, thinking, “He’s not trying to hit on me.” At the beginning, when he first asks her, she refuses him.Then she walks off and realizes how crazy Hong Kong is and she walks back up the stairs and says she does need his help.Finding herself stranded, she meets Josh (Bryan Greenberg), an American expat who shows her the city.Meandering through nighttime streets pulsating with energy and possibility, they fall into a winding and carefree conversation, buoyed by an undeniable attraction.” There is only one problem with their perfect “first date,” which Josh admits to Ruby–he has a girlfriend.that you did that so it wouldn’t appear that your characters had your own high degree of chemistry, especially when they first met.I assume you filmed this movie chronologically so their chemistry would build.The nuance is fascinating and I applaud Emily for exploring that.

It’s not the job she wants to do but she knows she has to make some money with the toys before she can begin her own fashion line, which is what she really wants. DP: Bryan, when they first meet, when Josh is taking a break from the party where his girlfriend is, and Ruby asks him for directions, would he have volunteered to walk her to her destination if she had been a guy? It really focuses in on that gray area of what is and what is not cheating–and the morality of actions, even when they are not physical.

They part ways but run into each other a year later, after she has moved to Hong Kong.

He still has his girlfriend and now she is engaged to someone back in America.

You will find that the Ruby and Josh have so much chemistry because they are played by the immensely charming Jamie Chong (terrific in the little known , in a tiny role.

She was the producer and from that brief introduction, she told Bryan that there was this script she wanted both of us to read.

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