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Her high school career timeline shows she netted in 128 goals (she scored 38 in her junior year, which is a school record).She was a four-time Prep League Offensive MVP, as well as a two-time Southern Section Division IV Offensive Player of the Year.The American forward started playing football at the age of five.Since then, she has featured for many football sides in and outside the United States, including Slammers FC of Newport Beach, California, Pali Blues (2009–2010), the United States U23 (2009-2010), Standford Cardinal women’s soccer team, where she had her college career from 2010 to 2017.Here’s a great fan video by The Fisheman71 with a full album version of the song.Please click share (below) to send to your friends.She also participated in the US Youth Soccer Association’s national championship tournament and walked home with the Golden Boot for most goals scored.

Music can be a great way for reaching non-Christians.

Rating the artists and songs helps others find them and is an easy way to spread the message.

Christen Press, born Christen Annemarie Press, is an amazing soccer striker who represents Utah Royals Football Club in the National Women’s Soccer League.

However, some unverified sites reported that she is dating a guy called Nima Majd.

For now, neither the star player nor the so-called beau has reacted to the claim, making it difficult to ascertain if she is still in the market or not.

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