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I was 17 that spring, a high school junior, so this really took me back there.

The origin story for Celeste’s fame is that a song about grief and healing she performs at a vigil becomes a national hit.

I was thinking out loud about the film and I was like, ”I never would’ve expected five or ten years ago to make something that’s so brash, because I’m not particularly brash.

Or at least I hope not.” And she said, ”But the film isn’t brash. But it’s also made with a great deal of empathy for this character.

And my daughter was confused about where that was in New York, because she lives in New York and those buildings are no longer a part of the skyline. It’s sort of a blunt-force trauma the moment you realize that you’re second-generation [to 9/11].

Millennials are already second in line, and that’s wild. When I think about everything that we’ve been through up until now…it’s just nuts.

As an American, I certainly hope that we just grow and move past the heinousness of this experience. One question we all seemed to be asking after the 2016 election was, “How did we get here? But even for our film’s star, Raffey Cassidy, she was born in 2002.

Of course, for interviews it’s an entirely one-sided affair; the interviewer has a very clear picture of the person they’re meeting and is more invested in the date’s success, whereas the interview subject is in the peculiar position of being forced into a months-long round of largely blind and highly repetitive speed-dating in exchange for press coverage of their latest project.That reminded me of a particularly morbid Top 40 moment from that year, when a version of Sarah Mc Lachlan’s “I Will Remember You” that had been edited to include audio clips from Columbine news coverage became a radio mainstay in the weeks after the shooting. in it, but one thing I decided was to erase anything that felt too insider.I felt like it could be perceived as, like, a joke about landlines or something, which I just don’t find that funny.I’m curious to see if the culture will implode on itself the way that we’ve seen happen before, like with Viennese society at the turn of the century.There are so many empires that have fallen that no one thought possibly could.

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