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Anyhoo, my break from dating websites only confirmed my theory that these days I can’t get a date unless I do the online thing.

To be completely fair though, I haven’t followed through on my promise of trying out singles parties/events so I guess I’ve kinda wimped out of that one. I’ve done some research and turns out there are quite a few singles parties and events coming up. Black Dinner Dating – Next event, 5th March 2011 Admittedly, not for everyone, but I do like this idea.

I mean, you can’t even see your hand in front of your face! Well, not only do they have to complete in total darkness, but they compete to identify various objects using their other senses.

Some items are harmless like a stuffed animal, while others are gross or scary!

London – Next event, 26th January 2011 Lovestruck London (also in New York, Dublin, Liverpool, Singapore and other cities) ‘ghost-hosts’ drinks nights every so often.

No entry free, no name tags, no games, no banners, no cringing.

First, I sent them all one of the AMAZING invites designed by the brilliant Tasha from Whimsicle Design Studios. Before our guests arrived, we gathered various supplies for each round, as well as thick blindfolds to complete the Total Blackout effect.

At a Mixster event you and three other single friends of the same sex create a team of four and that night you get to meet three other teams of the opposite sex, also with four people in them.

When the lights are out, your mind can play tricks on you.

The best part, is that the show is hosted by Jaleel White (a.k.a. :0)We like to come up with fun dating ideas combined with at home dinner ideas for a group of couples.

Reminds me of my ‘Online Dating Sucks, But What Would I Do Without It‘ post.

I definitely have a love-hate relationship with online dating.

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