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It's not unusual for someone unmedicated with this disorder to be up for two or three days straight, because their mind and body simply won't let them sleep.How do these symptoms affect the loved ones of these people? Parents, siblings, friends, and co-workers see these individuals pass between depression and mania, and they see what a toll it takes on them.It is possible to find and maintain love when you live with a mental illness, please know that. Falling in love, sleeping with someone or dating is learning to trust someone and if you’re going to let them into your life, you will at some point have to tell them about your condition.They cannot love you fully without accepting you at your saddest, your numbest, your most chaotic.The longer you’re not saying something about it, the more it feels like a secret you’re carrying and the more you build it up as this big thing you have to discuss, which is anxiety provoking.Also you risk the recipient of this news thinking you kept something from them.”So really, find the courage to tell someone you care about as soon as you can, so they can get to know the full version of you.The disorder is typically managed by daily medication and talk therapy.

He was there during the diagnosis process, and they’re still together, though they’ve broken up a few times when she’s been hypomanic.

Eighteen months into our relationship, living together with a ridiculous small dog, he is so good to me when I’m unwell that my therapist thinks I make him up.

We survived a pretty gnarly depressive episode of mine together, during which he just held me, kept me company, fed me fresh dinners and tolerated my state of unshowered, pyjama-clad mess.

The person may go from depressed to a manic state, or may experience other shifts in mood that affect the person's ability to function.

People who have bipolar disorder often have a hard time sleeping.

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