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While everyone has brain blanks, people start getting annoyed when it happens over and over again.If your significant other seems to be calling you lazy when you are arguing, consider if you have been faithful to your word in the little things.If you are guilty of flaking out, your significant other is likely angry because they are unsure if they can rely on you.Make it a point to show you will keep your word, even in the littlest of things.Struggling to make ends meet is a surefire way for people to end up at each other’s throats.If you and your significant other are struggling to make ends meet, be prepared to sacrifice something.

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When finances are tight, people’s tempers are short.Take some time to make sure that you and your significant other agree before moving forward with projects or assuming that your significant other is ready for the next step in your relationship, whatever that might be.Working toward the same goal will decrease friction, frustration and help you both avoid feeling like the other person is deliberately undermining you.Your significant other just lost their job, so you are both struggling with questions about the future in addition to disappointment.These are the highs and lows that can be easily understood.

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