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He has had a recurring minor role as Coach Armstrong on Degrassi: The Next Generation. His early-career acting credits include guest spots on L. She then helped Ben and Rook fight the Kraaho when seeing that Seebik was not following the true Kraaho way.In Rules of Engagement, Ester brought Ben, Rook, Julie, and Hervé along to help prevent the Hot Spot from being under attack.

Ester, Ben, and Rook helped Kai Green protect the Orb of Pooma Poonkoo, but Spanner took the Orb. In The Most Dangerous Game Show, Ester was one of the remaining contestants in The Most Dangerous Game Show, but got sent to the null void with all the other females that Ben knew.

Ester has a generally open-minded and carefree attitude toward other races, particularly towards the street children of Undertown.

Ben and Ester met in Hot Stretch when Ben and Rook attempted to stop her from stealing the fusion engine, but failed.

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Michael Kinney is a Canadian actor, whose roles include a variety of guest appearances on several television programs.

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