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The terms 'fair' and 'unfair' are also frequently used when discussing these concepts.The Registrar must be satisfied that it would be just and equitable as regards the child, the parents and any non-parent carer before a decision to change the assessment is made (CSA Act section 98C(1)(b)).The Registrar must consider the proper needs of the child and must have regard to 'the manner in which the child is being, and in which the parents expected the child to be, cared for, educated or trained and any special needs of the child' (CSA Act section 117(6)).Not only are the basic costs of maintaining a child considered, the individual issues of the child are also taken into account.

In deciding whether a decision is fair, the Registrar will consider the amount and duration of any proposed change and the factors listed in CSA Act section 117(4) which are relevant to a particular case.The income, earning capacity, property and financial resources of both parents and the child are taken into account when the Registrar considers if it would be fair to change the assessment.This includes any assets owned by or under the control of, or held on behalf of, either parent or the child, even where they do not produce income. This means that, while the individual is entitled to arrange their financial affairs in any legal way, their obligation to pay child support or contribute to the care of their child might not be reduced as a result of those arrangements when considering if a change of assessment is fair.Once the income, earning capacity, property and financial resources have been identified, the Registrar will consider the extent to which they should affect the assessment.When deciding whether a change to an assessment is fair, a parent's actual income in the relevant period is considered, as well as the child support income amount used in making the child support assessment.

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