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The number one reason customers do not get their tickets is because the tickets ended up in their email's spam/junk email folders. Their comedy infused Ultimate Date Night Tour regularly plays in cities across the country, while their weekly online talk show Jay & Laura T. offers practical and witty tips on connecting both as a couple and a family.

For event information, such as: Refunds and exchanges What tickets include Discounts & Ticket pricing information Do children need a ticket Will call information / local ticket sales Seating/Venue/Parking/Handicap Information For issues purchasing tickets, such as: Not receiving tickets in your email Need tickets resent to your email Trouble processing your credit card Receiving an error message Having trouble with this website Resend Tickets Help Center Contact Call Attend Star at: 615-223-1008 General Admission seats are first come, first serve seating - no saving seats. But, somewhere along the line, the romantic Street Car Named Desire got derailed by the big Locomotive Named Reality. Jay and Laura Laffoon, authors of numerous books and DVDs, have often been billed as “marriage edu-tainers,” fearlessly putting their real marriage of almost 30 years on display.

A pivotal site during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, Augusta also boasts the only structure ever built by the Confederate States of America, the site of the old Confederate Powderworks.

The number one reason customers do not get their tickets is because the tickets ended up in their email's spam/junk email folders.

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Augusta is Georgia’s second oldest and second largest city, founded during the British colonial period as a trading outpost.

Augusta has a rich history dating as far back as the early 1700s.

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